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Welcome to my blog, a space dedicated to exploring the many facets of physical, emotional and spiritual healing and transmuting darkness into light.


As a spiritual healer and macrobiotic practitioner, I have seen first-hand the miraculous power of energy healing practices.  I look forward to sharing some of my experiences here with you.


My Story

I wanted to share this story.


It was a bit weird even by my standards at the time, and took me way out of my comfort zone. 

I was with my wife Nicola, visiting a friend who wanted to show us his new office.  It was in a working 'hub', a shared space in the centre of Bristol in the UK.

The basement was being converted into offices and we were invited to have a look around.


I was behind Nicola as we started to go down the stairs, she suddenly stopped in her tracks and said “I am not going down there, I feel like I'm being choked around my throat".


I wanted to see what was going on and being always one for a challenge, I went past her down the stairs into the basement. The refurbishment looked good, but I felt such a heavy, sad, cloying energy. After a couple of minutes I begin to feel like hands around my throat and my breathing was troubled, I decided to get out straightaway.

After a few minutes the feeling dissipated and I felt back to normal.


After the ‘tour’ of the building we were chatting to the owner, who said the business was struggling, I said I wasn’t surprised and that the energy needed clearing, it would put a lot of people off.


Then I said some words which actually shocked me! They came out of my mouth but my conscious mind had nothing to do with them. It was like I spoke and my brain caught up a minute later.


I said “ I can clear the energy for you, I can heal the space”


Then I thought, what did I just say? How do I even do that? I had never done anything remotely like that before.

So for many years I’ve been on a ‘spiritual path’ whether it was being a Macrobiotic Teacher and counsellor, as a Spiritual Healer and spending much time developing my connection to the non-physical world in many psychic development workshops, then connecting my scientific Pharmacist side to my spiritual side, becoming a medical intuitive. But how to clear energy from a building?

Image by Kelly Sikkema

We went home, my mind whirring, how could I do this... but not having a clue what to do, the more I thought about it the more stressed I was getting. So I just let go of it and two weeks later the answer just came. As well as being a spiritual healer and teaching Macrobiotic palm healing, I was also into dowsing with rods and pendulums, firstly outside in nature finding energy lines etc around ancient stone circles, then I would use them to help in finding and healing health problems in clients and clearing energetic blocks in their chakras. So I just put all of my skills together and decided to remotely set to work, as I didn’t need to feel that energy again.


What I found seemed a little far fetched, even for me!


I had to dig deep to pluck up the courage to tell the owner what I had found Which was….


There were the spirits of 38 African slaves in the basement, some in shackles and chains and a number with metal collars, which explained the sad, heavy energy and the choking feeling we both experienced. I found their ‘leader’ and spoke through him to them and they all wanted to be released into the ‘light’. They had been there over 200 years.


When I moved them on I felt in my heart a strong emotional surge, like immense sadness and joy at the same time, I thought to myself at the time, well something happened, it felt real to me, but I doubted a bit too.


I called the owner of the building, and my first thought was that she would probably think I was a little crazy.

Before I could explain anything she said, “well I assumed you had done the healing as my cleaner who didn’t know anything about you said yesterday that I don’t know what you have done but it feels like a completely new building, so much happier!”


That comment bolstered me enough to explain what I had found and cleared and healed.


To my amazement, I was told that at the end of the basement was a window with bars on it, this used to be a door which was at the end of a secret passage, which led down to the docks. The passage was used to smuggle slaves into the city, via her building!


I knew then I wasn’t crazy, which was a big relief.


I was in shock a bit and thought wow, what can I do with this? I need to be helping clearing and healing more people and spaces, but how….

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