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Hi I'm David...

I began my career as a Pharmacist over 40 years ago.  I had a successful chain of Pharmacies in the UK and in 1989 I opened the first western pharmacies in Tbilisi and Moscow.  My life came crashing down when on Friday the 13th June my only child was given 4 weeks to live, with a terminal diagnosis.


Pharmacy had no answers, the medical profession couldn't help... I turned to nature and my rediscovered my spiritual roots.


The natural solutions healed the brain tumour, we had another 19 months together, it was however his time and he passed suddenly from an infection.


The death of my son Jonathan in 1998 that was the catalyst for my rebirth.


I have experienced many spiritual phenomena throughout my life, and as a medium have had first hand experience of living in a haunted house.  It was a beautiful home,  the oldest house in the village, but soon after we moved in we knew things weren't quite right.


The house was cold, it was spooky, we felt like we were constantly being watched.  My wife was scared to be alone and everything in our life began to go into free-fall.  It held such a dark energy, we both became depressed, everything in our lives stopped flowing.  I'm a positive person, always looking on the bright side and finding solutions, but this was another level.  We needed to get away, to move quickly.  We sold after only living there for

7 months.  

I had no idea at the time there were people that could have helped me.  I had tried the smudging, the chanting, the bells and chimes... all the things!  But, nothing worked.  It was a miserable time.


But even though we had moved away, for several years after, I didn't feel right.  Something dark and negative had followed me from that house, it weighed me down, sucking my energy, I felt stressed and not myself.  It was like  carrying a heavy load on my back and what I now know to be a discarnate spirit.

This was 17 years ago, I wish I'd known 'me' back then! 

Life has taken me on an interesting journey, one of self healing and developing my spiritual gifts.  My most important work to date is clearing and healing people and their homes.  If you are living in a negative environment, this will affect your whole health and wellbeing, from anxiety, fear, anger and depression, this invades you like a dark sickness often not noticed until it has become part of you.  

This can be changed in an instant!  I witness this daily with my clients and am here for you too.



'If not one of the best in the country,
David is one of the best in the world'

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