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1:1 Hands-on healing

I work and send healing remotely, wherever you are in the world, for emotional, mental, spiritual and physical issues 



How to prepare for Healing

Wear loose and comfortable clothing

Make sure you will be warm as your body temperature may drop, I suggest wearing socks and having a light blanket

Avoid caffeine at least a few hours before the session

Avoid alcohol on the day of the healing session

Please ensure you are somewhere comfortable and will not be disturbed.


What do you need to do during a healing session?

All I need is for you to lay down and relax, maybe play some relaxing music in the background.  I then will call upon my spirit guides, ascended master and angels to work alongside me, assisting with your healing for your highest good.


How long will the session last?

The session will last approximately an hour.   Afterwards, we can connect by video call to discuss our experiences and anything that came up for you during the session. 


What you may experience

During the session you may experience any of the following as the energy flows through you, if you feel nothing at all, this is also quiet normal:



Please be gentle with yourself!  Ensure you are well hydrated.  You may want to have a quiet day following your healing session as the healing energies integrate.

1:1 Hands-on Healing In-Person    £120

1:1 Hands-on Healing Remote       £120


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